Tuesday, May 31, 2011

At a (Potential) Vendor Meeting

Vendor: So what's your fiancee's name?
Diana: Lindsey.
Vendor: What's his last name?
Diana: Her last name is _______.
Vendor: Oh! I'm sorry, I shouldn't have assumed.

YES. That is exactly it.

Not "Oh...." (awkward silence while she stares at the form trying to figure out what to do)

Not "Oh! OMG that's so awesome!!! I have a gay cousin. I bet you know him."

Just a simple apology, and then we moved on. THANK YOU Katherine's Catering.


  1. Hi Diana,
    Congrats on the engagement! Good luck with the wedding planning. I just wanted to say I love your blog. You're an excellent writer and I really appreciate your insights. Keep on Blogging :).
    ~Melissa Benedict (weinstein)

  2. This is EXACTLY what people need to hear. Amen!!!