Monday, May 23, 2011

Bullshit: Part One

Linds and I have been talking about last names, and trying to decide if we want to make any changes to our last names once we're married.

On a whim, I just googled "name change michigan" and found out that if either of us want to change our names, we need to pay $150 to file a petition to Washtenaw County's probate court. We then need to go get fingerprinted, await police clearance, and then schedule a hearing in which we explain our reason for the name change. The process apparently takes at least two months--and then, assuming our petition is accepted, we have the usual month-long stream of paperwork for things like driver's licenses, social security cards, etc.

For Linds and I to both change our names in Washtenaw County, we'll have to pay $300. A marriage license in Washtenaw County costs $20--name change included.

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  1. Diana,

    I don't blog so I can't "follow", but I'll be following. I think that you are very courageous and inspiring. More people need to do what you are doing! Your blog has been bookmarked :)