Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Remember when I started this blog, emailed it to my buddies, and then didn't touch it for two weeks? Me too. Awkward.

I thought about it. I jotted down some ideas. There's a new tab in my wedding planning Google Doc for "Blog Posts". But I kept feeling that after the initial ease of the intro post, there was:

A) Too much pressure on the second post. I don't know where this pressure was coming from, but there was PRESSURE. LOTS. IN MY MIND.

2) A hailstorm of crazy happening in my family life regarding the wedding, that I at once didn't want to broadcast over the internets and also didn't think I could gloss over on the internets

D) A feeling that nobody actually cares enough about this process to remember to read a blog--so why bother? Not in a bad way. Why would you?

BUT, I'm over it. If this ends up being scattered and awkward and overdramatic, then it will just reflect my personality :)


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  1. We are still reading, silly. GEEZ.