Thursday, July 7, 2011

How My Mom Paid for Cobblestone

This story begins a few weeks ago, on the night my family celebrated Linds' birthday, when my dad brought my mail that had been sent to his house. I rolled my eyes and sighed, because this usually means I paid a parking ticket late and the City of Ann Arbor is writing to gouge me a little bit more. But this time was different--the envelope was from Israel Bonds Direct. What?

At home later that night I used google to decode all of the financial jargon, and realized several things:

1) My mom had purchased an Israel Bond for me, in both of our names, in 1996
2) It was reaching maturity on July 1st
3) Someone was going to mail me a check for $900

Clearly, this was exciting news. I'll spare you the details of the awkward, depressing, lengthy process of removing her name from the account (tip: avoid carrying your mom's death certificate around for a week. it's weird.) and just skip to...

a few days ago, at my weekly sit-down with Linds to go over our budget. We were discussing how to re-allocate money in order to pay off the balance on one of my credit cards, which holds only the rental fee for our reception venue (Cobblestone Farm). We decided to just use the bond redemption check, since it's almost the exact amount as the cost of renting the space.
Then last night, when I glanced at my mom's picture hanging in our "living room", I was hit over the head with a sense of faith in the universe, and her memory, and her spirit. I didn't know this bond existed until three weeks ago, which was almost exactly a month after we booked Cobblestone. The bond just happens to be for nearly the exact amount as the rental fee. The bond that my mom bought, in both of our names.

Sorry, but even this humanist only-marginally-spiritual lady can't write that off. I am overwhelmed with a feeling of connectedness with her. We've been thinking about ways to include her and honor her in the wedding, and I'm sure those will be beautiful and meaningful. But this surprise? Amazing.


  1. aww my heart is all toasty warm. <3

  2. Alright Mom! Pulling through when it counts! Maybe when I'm getting ready for my next trip to Africa I'll find a bond that she bought under both our names from the state of Kenya for the exact price of my plane ticket. But really.. this is great I hadn't thought of it this way. <3

  3. That's fantastic, and a lovely story. xoxo

  4. love love love it. also, you and linds have a weekly budget sitdown?! infinite amounts of respect for that/didn't think of that before. good thinking and see you soooon.

  5. Hello:
    My name is Shari. I have been searching and searching to find if there is another gay couple either planning to have (or have already had) their wedding event at Cobblestone Farms here in Ann Arbor. My partner Kelly and I; 10.13.13.
    Cobblestone Farms website does not have pics of gay couples, (I know, shocking, isn't it?) :)
    Wondering if we are the first?
    Would love to connect with you?
    Please feel free to email me at